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December 29, 2016  |  12:17 am

A Thoughtful Story to Inspire your 2017

Hiya Tribe,

I hope you've had a Fully Expressed holiday.  One filled with love, light, aha moments and laughter.

Every year around this time I favour extended time in reflection. I view the last six days of the year as the most important. They offer us a rare opportunity to collect our thoughts and feelings to inspire learnings for 2017.

I do my best thinking and feeling while I'm on my kiteboard totally connected to our source Mother Nature. As I was surfing the waves propelled forward by the power of the wind I asked myself one very simple question.

What was my future-defining moment of 2016 and why?

This photo represents that moment.





I’m at my Nonna’s nursing home on Christmas day with my parents, my brother, his wife, my twin nieces Maia and Zoe and my partner Troy.  This photo was taken right after we attended Italian Mass alongside 30 other old souls nearing the end of their life journey and their families.

This experience was powerful and impacted me in ways I haven't yet fully processed. It's not everyday we're surrounded by wise old souls. As the service proceeded I sat with thoughts and feelings of what it truly means to have a full life.

I began to look around the room and observe the behaviour of the old souls. Some sang joyfully, others struggled to breathe and the remainder did what they could to keep their eyes open and receive the blessings bestowed upon them.

Each of them seemed to be at peace and revelling in the opportunity to be surrounded by friends and family. In that moment my Nonna's words spoken just before we entered the church, "questa è una bella giornata" (this is a beautiful day) came into my mind.I then realised something profound.

What really matters the most is...

togetherness and

My only goal for 2017 is to intentionally create moments that inspire connection, togetherness and love. Or in my Nonna's words a collection of 365 "belle giornate".


Because I know these areas need nurturing in my life and probably yours as well in an age where presence is precious and where instant gratification and the dopamine hit we get is sadly a metaphor for our self-worth.

If I choose connection, togetherness and love I'll become the woman I'm meant to be. A woman just like my Nonna with a smile that big even though two months ago she broke her femur bone.

Over the next few days, I'll shape the narrative of my twelve personal and business aspirations - six to ditch and six amplify with those three words front and centre.

If you've gotten this far in the article, I congratulate you for remaining present and sharing in a touching story.

Here's how I'm going to help you in return.

As you reflect on your 2016,  ask yourself…

  • What was my future-defining moment of 2016 and why?

  • What three words does it inspire for 2017?

  • If I was to honour these three words during 2017 what decisions would I make?

  • What would I need to ditch and amplify in my life to unleash my Fully Expressed self?

Maybe you had a knock this year that hit you hard and has forced you to do the work to DITCH decisions, attitudes and behaviours that no longer serve you. Maybe you chose to AMPLIFY your life by stepping into work that makes an impact. Or maybe you decided to DITCH excess screen time to amplify time in nature.  No matter what you did, these are your foundations for 2017.

I encourage you to go deep into you heart space as you reflect.  All of your answers to focus in 2017 will be there.

If you need a helping hand to get a snapshot of what is working in your life and what isn't. Go >>> HERE and take the quiz and all you'll thought-start your annual goals in less than five minutes.

Your very own WHEEL of TRUTH on Page 5 will inspire clarity and provoke your intentional YOU in 2017. We've made a ton of improvements to it last month so if you haven't looked at it in a while you'll love what you see.

With love and appreciation,