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Deep down you know you’re not following your life’s purpose, or even know what it is. You’re yearning for a career where you have more flexibility, wear the “boss” hat and have time for your passions, family, and relationships.

Let me guess; you don't know where to start?

I can help you because this was me six years ago. Earning a multiple six-figure salary, I was at the top of my game in corporate strategy and transformation, helping to deliver $5 billion to Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and ASX 25 companies. From the outside, my life looked incredible but the truth was I was miserable and desperately seeking change. The result? I ended up burning out big time (you can read about it here).

Gradually, I figured out the formula to transitioning to a multi-passionate career I love. I became a World Champion Sailor, founded the Global Executive Wellbeing Report, was named by Google as “the best high-performance coach we’ve engaged”, wrote the best-selling book, 'Smart Girls Screw Up Too - The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want'.

Ready to kickstart your career transition?

Through four modules during the Career In Transition experience, you will work 1to1 with me and I'll give you the tried and tested practical strategies to get you there and not only the confidence to start but to actually start. I've coached hundreds of executives to help them confidently create a career and life vision that works for them.

Here are some of their stories to inspire you

By the end of the Career In Transition Experience, you will…

  • Have a holistic vision for your lifestyle, relationships, health and leisure for the next five to 10 years
  • Have a clear Values and Non-negotiables Charter to guide your career and lifestyle decisions
  • Be equipped with a clear understanding of 'what you're in it for' career-wise for the next five to 10 years.
  • Have a personal career blueprint including your individual high-performance factors, top motivators and career sustainability factors
  • Have a Career Vision Statement including the right execution path for you with a recommendation of supporting career experiments
  • Have a personal finance strategy with cashflows, scenarios and milestones to successfully make the changes you want to make
  • Have a killer CV and cover letter
  • Have negotiation prowess and support with your current employer (exit, sabbatical, switch to consultant)
  • Start early stage business proposition development, customer targeting (towards first revenues) and business collateral guidance (for consultants and thought leaders)
  • First revenues in your side hustle or new business

Your next steps in creating the career you love...

This is an intensive and highly personalised 1to1 experience with Bella Zanesco over a six month period. It's by application only. Bella only takes a limited number of clients per year on this journey and wants to get you results.  For those taking the journey, you can expect your investment to be repaid in time, earnings or negotiation results.

Book in for a complimentary 20-minute call here to discuss your ambitions with Bella.

The Career In Transition Course is for you if you need...

Strategic Guidance

The Career In Transition Course modules contain proven strategies for navigating this life change. Worried about the financial impact? You'll have access to a financial strategist to make pragmatic decisions


We'll equip you with the tools to believe in yourself and adopt a new belief system that you can make money without having to rely on a salary. Yes, really.


A coach that has been where you are and will encourage you to take the small steps needed to create the life and career you deserve.

Here's what's possible

"I left my job after 15 years in the world of high-tech. Taking a leap of faith to spend a year on a creative project, with no income and no guarantee of success was quite frankly terrifying, and in the eyes of my peers, insane. I wrote two novels in a year that are side income earners and returned to my dream job in a startup. None of this would have happened without Bella's guidance and encouragement".

"Bella gave me the courage to quit my job and take a sabbatical where I met the love of my life at 50. After a year I re-entered the workforce as a consultant and split my time between India and the UK. Bella mentored me through every part of the change and has helped me set up my side hustle so I can work remotely. I now have a formula I can implement forever and that's priceless".

"I never thought of myself as being creatively-minded or being able to come up with interesting ideas - everything I came up with sounded very 'done' to me. The career and business mentoring Bella gave me has resulted in three good business ideas and I'm now collaborating with my partner on one of them". 

"Through my mentoring with Bella I've gained so much confidence and identified the scenarios I wanted to test on my sabbatical. Pinpointing the exact idea of what to do during my sabbatical was a challenge and overwhelming, but Bella was there to support me and also when I returned and negotiate a new consulting contract for what I'm worth".

Do you want this?

"For so long I've been wanting to break free from my 9 to 5 job but didn't know how wasn't sure of my direction and wouldn't even give myself permission to even try.  Bella has changed all of that. In only 3 short months Bella was able to demolish layers of self-doubt and self-sabotaging beliefs.  She taught me to only to take off the mask I wore in my life, but how to get rid of it for good.  Her guidance has helped me finally connect with my true self and what I really want in life.  Although we have touched on some of the 'airy fairy' things like vision, values and beliefs, Bella is also incredibly savvy and strategic.  We are now putting together business plans, service propositions and step by step processes for getting my business up and running (and soon thriving).  Bella is an uncanny mix of new age thinking, creativity and no-nonsense logic and reason.  If you're after a holistic coach who can help you piece together the business/work, health, fun and connection you want in life, then this amazing woman is for you!   Bella has helped me on so many levels.  Life will never be the same; thank goodness for that! "  Stephanie

Or this?

"Bella is an exceptional business coach. Within a few weeks of working with Bella, I had completed tasks - like creating my website and honing my value proposition - that I’d been trying to tackle for months. Bella helped me to streamline and focus my business’ offering and helped me to identify how I could work smarter, not harder, to achieve my business and income goals. This has meant I’ve had more time to spend on business development, and as a result, I’ve won on-going branding, copywriting and consulting work with one of my dream clients. Not only is Bella a gun at business leadership, she’s also a pro an instilling confidence into her clients. Thank you, Bella!"  Edwina

Ready to learn more?

Book your FREE 20 minute phone call in Bella's calendar and she'll help you work out whether the Career In Transition Experience is right for you.