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As the author of Australia's #1 Personal Leadership Book and a champion for women's wellbeing, Bella Zanesco's Inspired Reset Course is your step-by-step guide to making a five-star comeback.

Hiya, I'm Bella.

Six years ago I experienced a $5 billion burnt out. It took a long time to recover because I had no clue where to start to transition my career, figure out what I want and what matters the most. So in the absence of options, I turned myself into a human guinea pig, I experimented with everything I was told that is good for me that I was too lazy or busy to try. By following the exact steps I'll take you through in the Inspired Reset course I became a World Champion, got named the UK Top 50 Young Changemaker and wrote a book that sold more copies than Richard Branson latest in Australia.


The Inspired Reset is an on-demand interactive course 

that will challenge you to bring your A-game to

your health, career, and relationships.


I'll ask you the big questions and give you all the tools to confidently

 turn your life and career into a force for good that changes you, those around you and the world at large.


Think of it a bit like a membership to a life gym, but one that doesn’t have an

expiry date or is only good for tight buns and a six pack, but one that helps you take the right steps at the right time.

The Inspired Reset is for you if you're seeking...


The first step is to help you make sound decisions that are aligned with your values and a deep understanding of who you are, what you want and what matters the most. The Inspired Reset will help you find and follow your authentic self.


The second step is to help you to own, allow and accept your whole self. You'll learn how to get brain fit, trust your gut, and nourish your body for sustainable high performance. We'll help you set up positive habits to support you to leap out of bed in the morning.


The third step is to consciously design your work & relationships to fully express your emerging vision. The Inspired Reset will help you determine the environmental conditions (people and places) for you to access your dreams, uncover your flow state and focus your energy and attention on the right things.


Each of the modules has specific challenges you undertake individually and in a group. You’ll receive a bite sized weekly video with an accompanying challenge and access to our online community on Facebook to share experiences with others like you.

What past participants are saying...

"Bella coached me on how to get what I needed in the workplace and although I thought I was asking too much I got exactly the conditions I wanted. The Inspired Reset is a simple way for us to break down different aspects of our lives, re-examine our motivation, life choices and values and then use tools, research and support to re-tune".

"The Inspired Reset opened the door to a whole new and more authentic self. It helped me to regain confidence, enthusiasm and energy in all the aspects of my daily life and ditch all the negative elements (negative thoughts, toxic friendships). Cherry on the top: my relationship with men has never been so good (and it was the least expected result of this program)."

"The Inspired Reset framework for building a life that you love has helped me get clear on my life vision and next steps. Bella gave me excellent counsel during my interviews and negotiations for new roles, which helped me change my perspective and build new confidence. I not only landed a great new role in an area that supports my longer term goals, but also negotiated a 10% salary increase, something I had never done before."

Allowing my fear to dictate my future no longer seems like an option. Thank you Bella for this amazing program you have crafted. It is magic and you are going to change so many people's lives, there is no doubt about that. Thank you to all the beautiful women who devoted your time to being part of this with me, for sharing where you're at, what you're struggling with, for your authenticity and support.

Thank you Bella for guiding us, for being an inspiration and being the beautiful woman you are. And thank you girls for making this experience happen and for sharing your stories. You are my first virtual tribe and I'm looking forward to following your transformations towards a Fully Expressed life.


What's included...

  • 18 bite-sized weekly video master-classes considering everything from your career to your relationships, your confidence and your health
  • A Q&A vault (video coaching Q&A's)
  • Online group forum curated by a Community Manager where you can share insights and learnings
  • Priority access to Bella's yoga /kitesurfing and adventure retreats
  • One year access to the online community

Results you can expect...

  • Quality decisions regarding next steps in your health, career and relationships
  • A new growth mindset so you can take charge of your health, career and relationships
  • Tools to build your confidence, banish fear and imposter syndrome
  • Clear boundaries to find your balance
  • First steps to understand your vision and why you're here on the planet
  • Improved personal discipline, focus, and positive health habits
  • Motivation/ self-belief to take the next steps in your life
  • Negotiation prowess - sabbaticals, four day weeks, job offers etc
  • A crew of support bra's - new friends from 10+ countries

Your investment in you...

  • A$299. Lifetime access to your masterclasses and a one-year membership to our online community
  • 100% money back guarantee (if you do the work!)
  • Opportunity to upgrade to a 'Ask Bella' group Q&A coaching calls to help you push past your fears towards your desires
  • Your investment is tax deductible

"I regained confidence, enthusiasm and energy in all areas of my daily life. And, my relationships with men have never been so good". International Account Executive - Luxury Goods