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Before I took part in the My12for12 program every part of my life was basically a bit “messy” and needed a change. And, change is what I got! I wanted a new job with great colleagues, a new home, a new flatmate and I a strong, long-term relationship as the last two years I had such bad luck in this area.


"Bella showed me how to focus on my goals and I discovered that change can be healing. Plus, I understood, that thoughts do matter a lot. Importantly, I mostly do WHAT I like and with WHOM I like and not to please everybody around me."

Bella has a strong and challenging personality, but is very soft on the inside. She really understood my feelings and my “problems” in a very pragmatic way.  She is a great motivator and is amazing at bringing the right people together - I love her idea of tribes, her tools to help you work on your personality and how to consistent live a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend My12for12 if you are somehow stuck in certain aspects of your life or want to change things, but do not exactly know how to do it.  I found a great job that I really like with a fantastic organisation. I met THE man and found a wonderful new flat not long after completing My12for12 because I was clear on what I wanted. I feel more confident now and I am somehow more relaxed, even if my new job challenges me a lot.