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Vice President Product. Book Author. Futurologist.

I left my job after 15 years in the world of high-tech. Taking a leap of faith to spend a year on a creative project, with no income and no guarantee of success was quite frankly terrifying, and in the eyes of my peers, insane. 

I had dithered about doing it for years but if I'd have done it alone, I would have given up. Bella and her program were a real catalyst for me – a tribe who shared my values and a strong desire to do something different with their lives and who supported me when things got tough.

"She helped me get my sh*t together! If you feel you are missing meaning and self-expression in your life, Bella will help you find it."

Since being mentored by Bella I’ve made a huge shift in mind-set from being anxious and fearful to being grateful and optimistic. My health has massively improved, I’ve stopped drinking and I’m fitter and eating better. I’m now razor-focused on the things I want to achieve with my life and there are massive psychological benefits to having your beliefs, interests and work all aligned.

Bella’s honesty, her willingness to be vulnerable, her compassion and also her toughness, all coming from her own experience, make her ideally suited to running a program like this.

I knew that the thing that I love to do most in the world is write and draw, but I’d spent most of my life chasing other people’s dreams in order to pay the bills. I had spent years going to extraordinary lengths looking for some missing thing, when what I really craved was right there under my nose. It might sound clichéd, but the thing I most strongly re-learned is to be true to myself, to look for and listen to that inner truth, that thing you know in your bones.

My books are a ‘coming together’ of many interests, skills and beliefs. I’m fascinated by the exponential rise of technology, scientific innovation and futurology. I’m also deeply concerned about climate change and wanted to use the form and popularity of young adult novels to try and get people talking about it. I’m an illustrator, so I designed my book cover, the graphics on my website and have started publishing a web comic.

When I finally let go of fear and anxiety, I discovered that magical thing ‘flow’ where suddenly doors that were shut open, people come out of all kinds of unexpected places to help and life generally becomes a lot easier and much more fun.

Jule wrote and published two books in ten months. That's quite an achievement. They're time travel adventure stories with a serious message about the future we are building for ourselves. The first book in the series, The Boy Who Fell from the Sky, is available from Amazon here  and it’s sequel, Silverwood, is also available at Amazon, here  The third and last book in the series, The Moon at Noon, will be out at Christmas. Check them out they're awesome.

You can find out more about Jule the author, illustrator and futurologist here.