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November 12, 2017  |  9:34 am

7 Ways To Put Self Love Into Practice

One: Put boundaries in place. I’m not talking flimsy, ‘only if you don’t mind, cross them if you want to’ boundaries. I’m talking full-on electric fencing. If in doubt, go bigger.  If I’m talking Mandarin, grab your copy of Smart Girls Screw Up Too and turn to pages 12 & 13 to learn how to set bigger boundaries.


Two: Figure out what you need, then make sure you get it. Sounds simple enough, but it will take some astute observation on your part. If in doubt, watch your feelings, they are the key.  If I’m talking Spanish, head to pages 7-10 of Smart Girls Screw Up Too and I’ll show you how to become an astute observer of your feelings, and how to use them to figure out what you need to do.


Three: Think, believe and say good things. This means watering the garden of your mind with positive thoughts, affirming beliefs and words that back those things up. If in doubt, write down your thoughts and beliefs and ask yourself whether you’d say those things to a friend.


Four: Choose yoga or a massage over a night out on the booze. This one is simple, you might not like it but it works. If in doubt, ask your hangover.


Five: Embrace your dark side. Your yin side, we explore together in Chapter 9 of Smart Girls Screw Up Too. Here, I teach you how to lean into your vulnerability. But to get started, if something is on your mind, share with a trusted friend something that has caused you shame in the past.  If in doubt, share it with yourself in the mirror and practice the mirror talk technique I share on pages 158 and 159 of the book.


Six: Nourish your body with sleep and high-quality foods. If in doubt, pay attention to how much better and more capable you feel when you follow this advice. And feel free to start small. Even replacing the white bread with a vita wheat is a good start.


Seven: Spend time with people that love you as much as you love them. If in doubt, avoid all who increase your sad feelings in favour of those that soothe and uplift you.