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September 3, 2018  |  12:08 am

How to desire it more than you fear it


Happy Monday!

This week we're coming to you from Bali!

Katrina, Anna and I have been enjoying a team retreat while we're creating the Inspired Reset Experience, a virtual retreat to help you identify seven new habits, tools and rituals in seven days to help you build desire for a life and career you want.

In my conversations with clients, I've found that the number one issue that keeps people stuck in a career, relationship or health challenge they have, is a paid parking spot in FEAR town.

In order to take the first steps to create a life we love we need to uncover our desire and use it to build the bridge between fear and success.

Without desire, we stay stuck in FEAR town for way longer than we need to.

Click here to watch the live video we did for our Inspired Reset Experience participants and let's help you build your desire.

In this video, we share...

Four steps you can use repeatedly to help you build desire when you're stuck in fear town.
The only four types of desire that help us reveal our truth versus the ones that our ego or society tell us we should experience.
How to build the muscles needed to choose desire over fear on a day to day basis.

At the end of the video, I challenge you to answer 'Naked Truth Time' questions and propose a 'Golden Glue Challenge' to help you put into practice what you've learned.

You can access the questions in the files tab of our Facebook group here.

Much love
Bella xo