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November 28, 2018  |  7:44 am

Monday Mojo #1: Finding Your Own Voice When You Feel Like You've Lost It

Today's Monday mojo, the first, is inspired by my story is about how to find your voice when you feel like you've lost it.  

Here are four steps to help you with that.

1. Take time out
Rest, recharge, down tools or meditate.
Whatever works for you do it!

2. Re-discover your why
Ask yourself why do I do what I do?

If this is challenging ask yourself:
Who do I serve? What are their needs? What matters the most to them?

3. Seek help
Ask a client, colleague or a confidant what they'd like to see more or less of from you. Listen carefully, reflect and structure your thoughts and ideas.

4. Take action
Build confidence again by taking one small action. For maximum benefit make sure it's a win-win for you and the people your taking action for.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Much love

P.S. If you need help to find your voice and transition your life book twenty minutes with me and let's get you moving forward.