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November 28, 2018  |  10:28 am

Monday Mojo #2: Nurture Yourself and Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Confession time.

Like most of us, I’m a busy in the world doing things.

Building my business, nurturing my relationship, sneaking in a yoga class or two, keeping up with social media, eating, sleeping and sometimes kitesurfing.

All of that takes up a good seventy-eighty-hour week, which can often leave little time for reflectionrelaxation, and renewal.

I’d started thinking about the deep need I had for these three R’s a few weeks ago after feeling way less than my best.

Typically, when this happens I start getting insights from my body and then the world at large calls my attention as well.

The first call to account was at a recent speaking gig.

A person in the back row asked, how do I find stillness in my life when I don’t seem to have time for anything but the basics”.

And then literally a few hours later one of my clients Emma posted this in our WhatsApp group.

“We take better care of our smartphones than ourselves. We know when the battery is depleted and recharge it”.

A chorus of “you’re right” quickly popped into the chat and I was like okay I need to write this blog to you (and dedicate myself more to my three R’s).

The thing is, if you’re an average smartphone user, you’re checking it 85 times a day and spend on average five hours of time on it.

No wonder why it (and we) need recharging more often.

So, inspired by last weeks awakenings, today’s Monday Mojo is a quick technique you can do in five minutes to nurture yourself and unlock your inner wisdom.

It’s called sit still and listen.

I recommend trying this hack at least three times per day for one month so you can turn it into a habit.

You’ll only have to cut 15 minutes of screen time to do it (and who doesn't want that).

Here are the five steps

  1. Find a quiet place and allow yourself to find stillness.
  2. Start to breathe deeply into your belly in slow and measured breaths (this allows your mind to slow down).
  3. Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.
  4. As you’re breathing deeply begin to ask your body and soul these questions:
    • What do you need from me?
    • What wisdom would you like to share?
    • What can I do differently to look after myself?
  5. Listen to what your body asks of you, write it in a notebook, reflect upon it and action it.

Instead of feeling shame for looking after yourself, I'd like you to think about this time as an investment. A priceless investment in being, in getting to know you and what matters to you and shutting off the influencers from the outside world for a little while.

If I've still not sold you, not only do you get wisdom, you’re de-aging and getting healthier in the process.

This technique is scientifically proven to guide you into your parasympathetic nervous system (the one that calms you down), reduce the number of adrenaline-fuelled cells you produce (that's a really good thing because those cells cause all kinds of nasty diseases like cancer and heart disease), release stuck energy that's keeping you stagnant and improve your productivity up to ten-fold.