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June 5, 2019  |  2:06 pm

Burnt out? On the edge? Nearing a breakdown? Read this and act now.


How are you?

No really how are you?

Breathe, pause and allow your heart, mind and soul speak to share with you where you’re at?

When was the last time you did that?

This is a very small act of self-love we all can practice daily to check in on ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Along these lines, three things happened this week that shook my soul and broke my blood.

And then made me take significant action.

The first was that the World Health Organization declared Burnout a legitimate diagnosis, "a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed."


As soon as this news broke my phone rang off the hook with journalists asking for my opinion on the WHO's declaration.

Aside from I’m saddened but not surprised I shared my two cents worth on how to check yourself before you wreck yourself on Whimm.

Or if you're a bit nerdy to matters of the ‘psychology’ behind why we burnout this article I contributed to on CEO burnout will give you the juice.

Or if you want to go real deep, grab your copy of Smart Girls and read or reread Chapter 1,2,3. I’ll help you figure out why you do this to yourself so you take steps to never do it again.

Timing of the WHO's announcement was serendipitous and reinforced more than ever my work in this space is not only necessary but a must have for any organisation.

My clients, Google, Slingshot and Wisr get it. They realise it’s good for businesses to train their people and founders to understand their pre-burnout indicators and use them to craft an individual sustainable high-performance plan.

That said, I wish law firms would get the message.  And others at the big end of town.

Do you work at an organisation where you’re getting burnt out? 

If so, I’ve got your back. Hit reply and tell me who I need to be talking to in your organisation that organises staff training and with your warm intro I’ll do my bit to help you and your colleagues be sustainable high performers.



The second thing that happened that didn't surprise me but still broke my soul nevertheless, is Beyond Blue's research that shows suicidal levels and tendencies in men have reached record levels.

30,000 ambulances were deployed last year for men attempting to take their lives and six men sadly losing their lives on a DAILY BASIS.

Read that again. 

Now there are many reasons why men suicide.

I’ve got a strong hunch, that we Smart Girls have (accidentally)  played a part in the escalation of these numbers.

Before you punch me and hit unsubscribe, let me explain.

I've never been a feminist, and every-time I see a woman wearing a t-shirt proclaiming 'the future is female' I want to puke.

We must be inclusive and messy together in the redefining of gender roles.

Exclusion causes suicide.

Men not feeling safe to talk causes suicide.

So Smart Girls use your goddess feminine energy to lift up the good men up in your life, encourage them to be vulnerable, show them that it’s safe to be.

Rant over. (for now).