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June 24, 2019  |  12:52 pm

If I can't dance it ain't my revolution...

I was out at dinner recently and saw a sign that read...

It twanged at my soul and got me thinking why does adulting have to feel so hard?

When did we lose the joy and why do we have to?

The first in a series of dance steps to create a personal revolution is AWARENESS.

My only goal is to nurture you into awareness and to help you feel empowered to commit to what is possible when you design a personal revolution to create your life and career on your terms.

Having worked with hundreds of women and in my research study of 5,000, I've uncovered two specific sets of feelings that prevent us from feeling empowered to stage our own revolution.

The first is we put designing a life and career full of joy into the 'too hard basket'. I've found we typically do this because we don't have the right role models, a framework or a path to get there and quite simply we lack the confidence to step into the unknown.

The problem with this strategy is that our soul will always instigate a crisis point, or as one of my client's Jule calls 'staging a creative coup'... masked in the form of burnout, depression, or panic attacks that take a long time to recover from.

The second is we feel a silent shame and a sense of hopelessness that we haven't got it all worked out yet and perceivably everyone else around us has. This escalates a feeling of unnecessary lack, fuelled by FOMO, etc.

The problem with hanging onto these feelings is not only do they damage our health at a cellular level, we feel angst and anger when we could be dancing our way through our own revolution into meaning, contribution and love.

The great news is no-one has a perfect dance routine.

And the truth is. we're all creating our own version each day.

But what I do know in my work with women is that you do have the power to choose how you spend your time, whom you spend it with and what experiences you consciously invite in to allow for unconditional love, joy and connection in your life.

I also know that the only person standing between you and your life's work is you, (and your limiting beliefs).

The final thing I know, is that a year from now you will have wished you took the first steps in that creating that revolution today.

So if you feel pulled to open up and be supported by me and other women also ready to design a life and career they love (and to dance more and do more of what you loved before life became so serious) check out the details of my signature course The Inspired Reset here.

Your investment in you is A$397 + GST. Less than your daily coffee budget for 18-weeks. It is also fully tax deductible.

#winning ✅

Yvonne said it right in this video...

What price can you put on sorting out your life?

We start as a group on July 1 so if you're ready to dance, I'm here to support you to create the revolution.

Much love,

Bella xo