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Strategy & Transformation

When I came across Bella's website I fell in love with her story. I could relate to her starting point and I wanted my story to play out like hers as she looked so happy. She had a framework, she had a formula - which appealed to my logic brain – and it had worked. She was her best case study and I just wanted to be part of that world and understand how to get to that point.

I had already made some brave decisions to leave my well-paid corporate job, to end a toxic relationship and to move from the UK to Australia creating this amazing blank slate for my life. Whilst this was incredibly liberating it was also incredibly scary. What if I made the wrong decisions? I needed help to work out the best path of action going forward and to really uncover the true 'me' and what was going to make me happy (rather than follow the path of what other people expected or wanted me to do).

"If you've been clouded over by the corporate world and social conditioning for so long and not even sure what makes you happy anymore, then Bella will help you blow away those clouds".

I love Bella’s ability to cut through all the mess and crap and make sense of everything in clear, concise, logical patterns with sensible small steps that aren't scary but achievable. Her little black book and ability to network and connect and help you with your next chapter are incredible and go beyond what I would consider a traditional coach's skillsets and responsibilities.

If you're ready for a change, but not quite sure where or what is it yet, then I'm 100% confident Bella will help you work it out.  I now have a guiding compass to help me make decisions about my life and my future. I work in 3-month blocks making sure that my values are being hit. I'm also more emotionally intelligent and my relationships with my friends and family have got a lot stronger as I have become more confident.