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Full-Time Student

When I met Bella, my life was all about my boyfriend, his problems and his lifestyle, and it was sucking all of my energy. I knew my fear, worries, stress and exhaustion were mostly due to my unbalanced relationship, but I wasn’t ready to face it, because I felt my boyfriend needed me and that breaking up with him would destroy him. When I found out he was cheating on me, I realised that the relationship had actually been destroying me and that I was living for him rather than for myself.

Working with Bella helped me to get centred and balanced again and to stop making myself smaller than I actually am. I started to focus on the things that really matter for me and to be aware of the people I surround myself with. I regained a lot of self-confidence and strength.

"Bella is a f*cking angel. I know, the words f*ck and angel do not really go together, but that's what Bella is like! She has the skills of an angel who gets sh*t together; no matter how impossible it seems to be at first, she will help you make your life happen and feel awesome about it".

Bella has the qualities of a sister with whom I would share anything, and also the professionalism which makes her so credible and trustworthy. She is an example and I am super stoked to be part of her project.

Bella helped me see what I really needed in life in order to be fulfilled and happy. It confirmed the values, principles, dreams and visions I live for and want to be able to express fully. I was able to create a base which was a total backup and support during my break-up. I didn’t have to overthink decisions; I simply made them. She helped me realise who I am and that there should be no one trying to stop me or trying to make me feel sh*t about myself. I want a life full of adventures, happiness and positive vibes. Bella gave me the key to get centred again and live this life, here and now.