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Business Investment and Trade

When I met Bella, I'd not long told my boss at a leading investment bank I couldn't do what I was doing anymore. Despite my outward success - a six-figure salary, recently married, new flat - I couldn't really see the point in life and was at a very vulnerable place. At the time, my constant mantra was “I was useless, hopeless, crap”. I was so frustrated because I had no idea why I felt so bad.

I was genuinely taken aback with how open, honest and genuinely caring Bella was - I felt this immediate sense of trust. When I learned about her mentoring process, I thought it might overlap well with another leadership program I planned to do, but was afraid about whether it would be a bit too “feeling” and “hippy” for me (really I was more scared of what digging deep would reveal for me). I realise now that it really helped me set myself up to get the most out of this year.

"For so long, I thought that I didn't have a right to be unhappy because I had all of these material things that society tells us we want. But denying my desire to do something different and helpful clashed with my values, which was why I never flourished in the bank. The reason I felt terrible was because my intrinsic needs were not being met!" 

Bella helped me reframe my narrative and taught me how to be kind to myself. This was a very important turning point for me. That work also helped me have compassion for the people in my life.  Mentoring with Bella also helped me have better compassion for the people in my life. It was a really big deal for me to realise I don't need anyone's approval and I am okay just as I am.