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Marketing at Google HQ

When I joined Bella's mentoring program I had just finished a marketing contract at Google and all I wanted was to find a job in conservation. I knew I was passionate about conservation but had no clue how to best harness my skills to my passion.

 Through my mentoring with Bella I've gained so much confidence and have identified the scenarios I wanted to test to enter the conservation area and am preparing for a sabbatical to test, experience and learn. Pinpointing the exact idea of what to do during my sabbatical was a challenge and overwhelming, but Bella and the group were there to support me.

"I am now much more able to identify and understand my limiting beliefs and turn them around before they get me down and limit my ability to think big."

I’m back contracting at Google (to save for my sabbatical) and learned about an amazing project they have in partnership with Save the Elephants in Kenya. The networking opportunities through the group allowed me to reach out to amazing people who care about the same things as I do and who will prove invaluable contacts. I connected with a friend of Bella’s who is also passionate about conservation of rhinos. She connected me with the CEO of Breaking the Brand, an organisation dedicated to protecting the rhinos, and I’m pitching to her my ‘yes’ project.

Not only has Bella supported me with ideation sessions to help figure out my ‘yes’ project and my sabbatical, but how I’m going to do it in a way that sets me up to be a key influencer in the plight to save the rhinos. I also have some scenarios and plans to think about after the sabbatical to fulfill my need for safety and security. Bella’s mix of strategic thinking combined with the ability to clearly see the answers for me has been invaluable.