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Marketing Services Specialist

I’m a pretty resilient person, but when life threw a bunch of challenges at me (business, relationship, health, financial, family, death), one after the other, I was so disillusioned I wasn’t able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I was racked with depression, anxiety and fear and so out of touch with me that I knew I needed help to create a healthier, happier next chapter as 50 fast approaches!

"If you have that burning existential question that there is more to life and what is your purpose on this planet but don't have the answers, Bella's the gal to tease it out of you!"

While I’m great at helping others, I knew I couldn’t do the same for myself as I was in such a low place. I needed an accountability partner to help me get back on track. Bella’s killer skill is tough love which I seriously needed as I was in deep decision-paralysis and avoidance mode. I knew I wanted to change but saw the process of getting there overwhelming and exhausting.

I needed help to work out what actually inspires me and makes my heart sing after 25 years of working in a profession I choose for all the wrong reasons. I’m still a work in progress. I’m trying out a whole bunch of things that are daily bringing me closer to a life that is more authentic and in sync with my values. The biggest shift for me has been in mindset. I am kinder to myself and am learning to love and nurture ‘me’ in spirit and body. I’m getting more comfortable with uncertainty. I’m learning to trust that I’m in the right place if my heart and head are aligned without having to know what the outcome will be!

Because of Bella, I’ve simplified my life and my expenses. I freelance to give me flexibility and freedom. I have a budget to travel and study so I can explore the things in my life that matter to me and how I can combine those with my business background to create a new career, hopefully in the therapeutic pathway. I’ve invested in personal growth work I love and that sees me give back to the world, I spent time in India exploring my spiritual side, I completed a yoga teacher training and I’ve immersed myself in mindfulness practice.