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Advertising Client Director
United States

When I started getting mentored by Bella I had just closed down a business, dumped another guy who was totally wrong for me and was going through a year of feeling stuck and not knowing where my life was going.

I was attracted to Bella because her program is unique - it considers you as a whole person, your mental, emotional, physical states to help ensure each of those areas are in optimal condition to move through the change you want, starting with your core values and lifestyle goals.

Bella isn’t your typical ‘business executive turned coach’. I’ve really appreciated her tough love when needed.  I’ve had some rough patches and she’s been great about calling out the negative ‘poor me’ stuff and helped me to put an action plan in place to change how I feel physically, which builds the foundation to change the rest. I’ve appreciated that she is focused on both the process and the outcomes, so that we feel there are results and we are making progress. She has been a great cheerleader and an example at the same time.

"Bella's program has allowed a concentration of positive new habits to converge to allow for faster manifestation.  I was doing a lot of good things already, but not in a consistent manner. It's great to have created a ‘formula’ for sustained well-being that I can keep implementing forever."

Thanks to Bella I decided to take a 6-month sabbatical, to study yoga teacher training in India, to re-connect with family in the US and to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  The process helped me set up a full sabbatical plan and although I feel afraid and anxious around what I’m doing, my energy levels have lifted more consistently and I feel lighter. I’m learning to say no to things and practicing trusting my decisions and understanding there is no bad decision.