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HR Specialist

Before joining Bella's mentoring program my biggest challenge was I knew I needed to do something to change my patterns. I lacked direction and my thinking around self-improvement was unstructured. I was great at kick-starting stuff, but there was no discipline around it.

I wasn’t fully committed to my relationship with my partner and was holding back. I was in a new country (Britain) and very much still finding my feet and wanting to make the absolute most out of the opportunity that this presented. I had this feeling of wanting 'more' but with no understanding of what that looked like. I was blocked by a lot of negative crap.

 I was attracted to Bella because I admired her no bullsh*t approach. The program sounded like it would provide the structure I knew I needed, as well as introduce me to a bunch of similarly-minded local people at the same time.

"Bella has a brilliant knack of simplifying issues, processes and cutting to what matters. The way she set smaller, achievable goals, and actively worked with me at my pace but with stretches, was invaluable."

I never thought of myself as being creatively-minded or being able to come up with interesting ideas - everything I came up with sounded very 'done' to me. The mental freedom Bella gave me has resulted in three good business ideas, one not so great, and I'm now collaborating with my partner on a fifth idea. The possibility is there and the opportunity. I love how supportive everyone in the group has been as well.

Another big one (possibly that helped lead to the business ideas) was finally getting over drinking booze. The prep work we did around mental and physical health, yoga in particular, really struck a chord. I decided I'm more than a party girl, and that I owned that concept, not just for the month of Dry July, but as a full-on, pattern-smashing lifestyle change.