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I was really struggling with my decision to stay in London before I started being mentored by Bella. I missed living in Japan and kept questioning whether I’d made the right choice in coming back. I avoided committing to anything that would hold me here – long-term job, relationship. I was also unsure of what I wanted to do next career-wise, believing that I had to choose just one thing and stick with it.

"Bella has given me a lot of strength through being so open and honest about her own journey and struggles – this is the effectiveness of her program."

It was time for me to look at all the elements of my life, not just my career choices. I was attracted to Bella because I could share this journey of self-discovery with others instead of trying to work things out on my own.

One of the most positive changes for me has been how I interact with people. I’m more open to speaking truthfully about what’s on my mind. This has led to better, more mutually supportive relationships with close family and friends, and lots more open, honest and deep conversations with people who I meet as I’m not so worried now about showing my flaws, worries or insecurities. I’ve also become more forgiving and compassionate, see things from the other person’s point of view.

To become more confident in expressing myself, I have taken a beginner’s acting course, attended lots of social events to meet new people, have given public talks about the Japan trips I am planning with my new business partner and enrolled in a coaching course. I have a long way to go to increase my confidence and self-belief, but I am making progress.

I now understand more clearly my core values and what I need to incorporate into my work to be happy and I’m still exploring possibilities and talking to people about ideas for Japan-related events.

And, I’m getting much closer to being ready for a relationship. I am working on being clearer about exactly what I want and what is good for me, and thinking about what I need to do to open myself to the kind of relationship and partner that I want.

My next steps are to set some real tangible goals of what I want to achieve in the short term and really be honest with myself about what I have to do to achieve them.