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PR and Communications Manager

When I started working with Bella I was so ready and looking for a change. I felt stuck in my life. I had a job I cared for, but I did not see myself moving forward in my professional or private life. I didn’t know how to change or what to change.

Bella is like a refreshing, invigorating splash of water on the face - like waking up and starting the new day with a smile, appreciating all the unknown possibilities and encounters that lay ahead.

When working with Bella we grew individually, as well as a group. We inspired each other with our ideas and appreciation. I realised my past had not been that bad and that I could “amplify” the better bits of it and regain the power to shape my future.

"Bella believes and makes you believe, that all of us are beautiful and meant to enjoy life, be creative, do what is good for us and that we deserve it. And in that, she is a role model, living and believing in her method, which makes her authentic."

Her method and tools of coaching are fun. I loved the fact that she focused on our most precious values and strengths, rather than working on gaps and weaknesses. Bella’s talks and kind words guided us through a process of discovery without ever imposing any thoughts or opinions. She gave me the tools to rediscover perspectives without pressuring me; she gave me a buddy who kept an eye on me; she gave me the support to grow peacefully at my own speed; and gave me the opportunity to help all the others - after all, one of the biggest joy is also giving.

Being mentored by Bella is for anyone who feels like reconnecting to themselves and who like me lost a bit their appreciation in life and needs to rediscover their most precious values or simple ways to upgrade.

Nowadays, I’ve become more focussed on the bright side of life, on the things I love to do. I can analyse the situations and people that suck my energy and walk away from them. I learned if I concentrate on taking little steps, I can change my attitude and lifestyle and do whatever is needed to change my life for the better. By being clear about what I wanted, I also found love and that's a wonderful thing.