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Before I got involved with My12for12 I was stuck in my job and needed a plan for changing the course of my professional life. I was living in a rut, unable to find a way out of a formulaic life that didn’t fulfil me. I wanted to find calmness, clarity and peace.

"My12for12 helped me to recognise my own blocks and how I create excuses to stop myself from moving forward. Bella's attitude to life is action and more action and following her model will definitely lead people to succeed."

I’m now more conscious of my mind-set. I got off the merry-go-round to reflect and evaluate my life. I’ve looked at my values and what I actually enjoy, what environment feels good for me and I try to follow my body’s guidance.

With my partner in life and crime, we’ve had many discussions and deliberations about everything about our life - the perceived quality versus the actual quality. We took a super-amazing life-changing holiday to my home country where I hadn’t been in 9 years. I can't even describe how great it was to reconnect to everything: my family, the nature, the food, the people. The result was we have now decided to go explore the world together for a year or so.

It’s funny that once we made the decision it didn’t seem scary at all. In fact, our unconscious was working long before we realised it with our fixed-term mortgage coming to a close, utility contracts nearing their end, contract work ending. Once we realised our travel dream, it all sort of made sense. It's like when you know, you KNOW. I feel like I’ve been in a salary-induced sleep for the past decade and I NEED to travel and be me. 

I’m also being more conscious about creating wealth. We’ve started saving money and simplified our life. We are consciously in control of our money now. Most of all I feel I need to cleanse my energy of the 'old' routines and thought patterns. I can’t get excited about starting a psychotherapy practice to help others if I have bad and tired energy. I've gathered so much dust sitting at a desk it's scary. I have loads of ideas about what I want to do in the future: therapy, meditation and writing books are definitely amongst them.